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CITY MODEL MANAGEMENT, INC. of San Francisco, California is the west coast's premiere modeling agency discovering and grooming many of today's newest and freshest faces adorning the mass media of fashion print, television commercials, international runways, and commercial print.

CITY is known for having provided the international marketplace with polished "new faces" with a vision of what will simply be "Hot!" The agency is known for having a great partnership with their models of their career goals and intuitive marketing strategies. In addition, CITY Model agency boasts of the staff's incredible work experience within the fashion and entertainment industry headed up by Sal A. Marquez, Jr. as President. CITY has a major presence in the Western region of the United States respected by clients and contemporaries alike. Founded in 1985, CITY Models displays its mainstay power in the modeling industry with their formidable talent and enviable list of clients.

In addition to their business savvy in domestic bookings, the unparalleled strength and force of the agency is the agency's keen placement of the models into the foreign marketplace of Europe, Australia, South Africa, South America, Great Britain, and Asia. City places great emphasis on development and continuous growth potential of their new and established models. Many of the "city models" have remained with the agency from the start of their career to present which enables them to command top billing rates and exclusive contracts with major advertising clients. CITY is a very active participant in AIDS and BREAST CANCER charities educating all to the right to life. In the United States, CITY remains to stand tall and strong among the giants of the industry. Fashion may change, trends may come and go-the intellect and humanity of CITY will always prevail. CITY Model Management Inc. has always been a firm believer in giving back to the community.

The charity organizations that CITY has been involved with cover a wide range of social issues including breast cancer, AIDS and other vital problems that are of interest to the community and the world we live in.

We invite you to visit the web sites of the organizations we have sponsored and to get involved with helping our world become a better place.

The American Cancer Society
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of San Francisco
Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Academy of Art College Family Harvest Festival
Golden Gate Community Center
KQED Public Broadcasting
Destination Foundation
Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic

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